Betsy Trapasso

Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor and Practitioner

CA Certified Massage Therapist


Betsy Trapasso served as the Assistant Instructor at Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage with Chuck Duff in Evanston, IL from 2004-2009. She has studied Thai Massage since 2003 with master teachers in Thailand, Canada and the US. Betsy is a California Certified Massage Therapist, CMT #10535.

 Betsy is certified by Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage as a Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor (TBI). Students who study with Betsy earn hours that are fully recognized by Thai Bodywork and NCBTMB, and may complete their studies with Chuck Duff or any other instructor with current TBI status.

Betsy works as an end of life guide and advocate. She is the founder of Death and The Arts and she is the hostess of Death Cafe Los Angeles. After  receiving her Master of Social Work (MSW) in 1993 from the University of Southern California, Betsy worked as a hospice social worker. Out of a desire to be able to better help her dying patients and their families, Betsy studied Thai massage. This desire also led Betsy to study other complementary therapies including yoga, meditation and essential oils.


“Betsy is a wonderful, caring Thai massage instructor who was a key part of building the Thai Bodywork school and program over the last six years. I'm excited about her teaching our program in Los Angeles and the western USA, and I would recommend her teaching very highly. Her patience and heart are commendable, and she always gives everything to create a positive experience for her students.” Chuck Duff, Owner, Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage


Betsy is a great teacher and Thai massage therapist who cares about every student. Her patience and compassion for her students creates a genuine connection that allows them to overcome their learning challenges, and to share in her enthusiasm and passion for Thai massage. We have countless students who consider Betsy to be a key person in their finding the heart and joy of this wonderful art. She was an essential part of the development of Thai Bodywork into a world-class center. Betsy is a natural helper who finds joy in empowering others to be their best.”  Chuck Duff, Owner, Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage


“Betsy is a true healer and one of the most effective teachers I have ever encountered in my 20 years of teaching and healing explorations. She freely offers that rare combination of heart-felt compassion and an incredibly high skill level at both delivering and teaching Thai bodywork/massage. She knows and delivers exactly what's needed in every teaching and therapeutic context. Frankly, if you're lucky enough to have to chance for time with her, grab it. I'd recommend her a hundred times over!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Kelly Fidei, PhD, PMP,