Level 1: Fundamentals of Thai Massage

It was my conversation with Betsy and her authentic warm attitude that convinced me to take the course.   

Betsy is very helpful with details and modifications. Best educational experience in 12 years.

Betsy pounds in the important details.

Betsy is extremely kind and compassionate.

This class is great. I liked that Betsy was always watching our form.

This class was a great start to a solid foundation. Betsy made me feel very comfortable which enabled me to take more in and to perform better.

Betsy is very informative and very willing to help and train you correctly.

Betsy displayed patience and a willingness to help.

Very knowledgeable. I loved that you had experience in Thailand. That makes it more real.

Betsy was very thorough and made sure we understood every move. She was patient and nonjudgemental. 

Betsy is very educated and her skill of teaching others was fantastic. Great information on body mechanics and techniques.

I was amazed to learn a 1 hour session and feel confident about it. 

I really feel like I received a great Level 1 Thai massage education. This class was really great.

All the sequences were made extremely clear. It was easy to pick up. Even to virgin ears it all made sense.

Excellent teaching technique and course format. This is a high quality workshop which I will recommend to others.

Betsy we love ya!


Table Thai Massage

I was glad to learn Thai techniques that I could use on a table.

Betsy was generous, helpful, patient observant and supportive.

Betsy was very thorough and gave lots of feedback on how to improve techniques.

Taking the table class motivated me to learn more about Thai massage.

Good information. The class was well thought out for the specific needs of table practitioners. I was fortunate to have a skilled Thai practitioner teaching.

This is a great class for therapists to take to be able to introduce Thai massage to their clients.

The Table Thai massage class is very useful for me as a massage therapist.

I appreciate your patience and repetition. Your comments help so much with remembering correct body positions. You are wonderful.

Very good instruction, both visual and verbal.


Hands Free Thai Massage

I am very happy to have learned many hands free techniques.

I enjoyed the use of other body parts besides hands.

Great class that gave me the tools to work with bigger or heavier clients. As a smaller sized woman this will help me a lot.

These techniques were what I was looking for to work deeper and with larger clients. The information was presented well.

All the techniques are going to be very popular with my clients. It definitely helped me to expand my set of techniques.

It is extremely therapeutic for both the therapist and the client.

Betsy was very helpful and flexible in helping with the practicum.

I learned a lot more than expected. The foot movements were so effective without strain. The atmosphere was relaxed while very instructional.